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Revive Labs

Accelerate Health-Tech
Revive Labs is a consortium of leading US-based Physicians geared towards health-tech product acceleration in Emerging Countries.
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US based Physician Experts led Product Design

Network with Healthcare Venture Capital

Guidance through Complex Regulatory Pathways

Access to Clinical Data and Product Validation

Our Mission
  • ​Digitalizing health care by sourcing global talent and design.

  • Achieving Proof-of-concept models at rapid speed.

  • Accelerating proven concepts to minimal viable products.

  • Navigating commercialization pathways for proper product market fit

  • Co-creating standardized, reproducible processes for accelerating ideas in the digital healthcare space.

  • Providing support in understanding healthcare regulations.


Leveraging emerging markets for next-generation health technology

Revive Labs has a diverse team of physicians, engineers and entrepreneurs. We are passionate about addressing the problem of low-quality health-care in emerging countries by accelerating the design and deployment of new technologies. Together, we have expertise in multidisciplinary healthcare domains

Our Founders

“We offer access to the clinical data, product validation, and other resources  to help build a successful healthcare technology solution”

Danish Bhatti MD FAAN

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