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How to Find a Cofounder - Kat Manalac

#Cofounders, #Strategy, #TeamBuilding

YC Partner Kat Manalac on how to find a cofounder, where cofounders from top YC companies met, what YC looks for in cofounding teams, how to split equity with a cofounder, and do you need a cofounder at all?

Diversity + Inclusion at Early Stage Startups - Stanford CS183F: Startup School

#Diversity, #Culture, #TeamBuilding, #Inclusion, #Startups

Kat Manalac, Partner and Director of Outreach at YC, hosts a panel with Makinde Adeagbo (dev/color), Cat Perez (HealthSherpa), Jennifer Kim (Lever), Ashu Desai (Make School), Mitchell Lee (Penny) and Cristina Cordova (Stripe) to discuss the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workforce for early stage companies.

How Pitching Investors is Different Than Pitching Customers - Michael Seibel

#Pitching, #Investors, #Strategy

Michael Seibel on pitching customers vs pitching investors.

After PMF: People, Customers, Sales by Mathilde Collin

#Scaling, #Culture, #Growth

Mathilde Collin, founder of YC alumnus Front, describes what she learned as she scaled Front to 1000s of paying customers.

Michael Seibel - Startup Investor School Day 2

#StartupSchool, #Investing, #Fundraising, #Growth, #Startups, #Fundamentals

Michael Seibel - Startup Investor School Day 2

How to Get and Test Startup Ideas - Michael Seibel

#Ideas, #Ideation, #Startups

Michael Seibel on getting and testing startup ideas.

Carolynn Levy and Kirsty Nathoo - Startup Investor School Day 1

#StartupSchool, #Investing, #Fundraising, #Growth, #Startups, #Fundamentals

Startup Investor School is a free, 4-day course designed to educate early stage investors interested in investing in startups. We'll cover the fundamentals of investing, from investing instruments to legal and accounting basics to evaluating startups and managing deal flow.

How to Build a Product I - Michael Seibel, Steve Huffman, Emmett Shear

#BuildingProduct, #Building, #Technology

In the first of four lectures on How to Build a Product, Michael Seibel, CEO of Y Combinator, interviews Steve Huffman and Emmett Shear on how they built their products as founder-CEO's of Reddit and Twitch, respectively.

A Conversation with Ooshma Garg - Moderated by Adora Cheung

#Strategy, #Leadership

A Conversation with Ooshma Garg - Moderated by Adora Cheung

Running Your Company by Patrick Collison

#Success, #Strategy, #Leadership

YC Partner Adora Cheung, along with Patrick Collison, the founder of well known YC alumnus Stripe, discuss how to most effectively run a startup company towards success.

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